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If you don't tell the search engine, that your prospective customer is using, that your site exists, you can be absolutely positive that you won't rank in the top ten, let alone be found at all.  It is rather like having a telephone number but not appearing in either the White or Yellow Pages.  Sounds obvious, I know, but really the only way for people to find your new site, if they haven't been to it before, is to use a search engine or web directory.  Examples of the former are AltaVista or Google, while a very popular web directory is the famous Yahoo!, which classifies all its sites into categories.

Submitting to enough of these can be laborious, so why not leave it to us? We keep up-to-date with all the major (and minor) search engines and can submit your site to as few as 25 or as many as 200 of them. And you won't be bombarded by spam emails as a result, as we have set up an email address to catch them all.


Submitting your site to:

25 search engines costs $100
50 search engines costs $150
200 search engines costs $225

To maintain your listing on the search engines it may be necessary to add your site to them again once it 'drops out of favour', which would normally be every three to six months. 


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