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webserver data centre

The LBDD Data centre provides;

  • N +1 Rated Environment
  • 24/7 Video security monitoring
  • 24/7 On site security guard
  • UPS battery backup
  • Diesel generator for redundant power
  • Fire detection / suppression system
  • Ducted climate control air conditioning
  • tier IV data centre

LBDD delivers connectivity that provides unprecedented non-stop, non-congested, fault-tolerant Internet service with significant cost-efficiencies for its customers. Currently, Internet connectivity can travel through as many as 10-to-15 hops, which dramatically diminishes site performance. Not many other providers in today's market offer as dynamic a combination of reach and service delivery as LBDD.

Our Network Operations Center is built with the following infrastructure:

High Performance Servers
LBDD uses state of the art Sun Cobalt Servers. Each server is configured with a .2.4GHz Intel Pentium III CPU and 512MB - 2GB of RAM. Dual RAID hard drives provide redundant data storage for all sites. A maximum of 500 sites are hosted per server, well below the maximum capability of the servers.

Fast Internet Connections
LBDD's servers are connected to the Internet Backbone by a fiber optic T3 line. We use high performance Cisco 7505 Routers and Cisco Catalyst 5000 switches to route data through our network. Our systems continuously monitor backbone performance and automatically send IP traffic down the shortest path using the Cisco BGP4 protocol. LBDD provides only hosting services and does not provide any dialup connections. The LBDD network is designed specifically for web hosting. This keeps the 90blue.com network clean and free of ISP traffic, providing excellent speed even at peak times.

High Quality Internet Bandwidth
One of the reasons is the world’s finest hosting solution is because we not only provide superior connectivity, facility and service, but also the highest quality bandwidth. There are no software bandwidth limits.

LBDD's policy toward Bandwidth utilization and being directly connected to the Internet backbone with networking equipment insures the highest of Bandwidth quality. Compare LBDD's infrastructure with a typical TI (1.544Mbps) leased dedicated line ordered from a local ISP. The quality LBDD provides is in most cases considerable better.

LBDD's Net Operating Centers policy states that when we see a specific line utilization approaching 50% on the bandwidth monitor, we order more bandwidth or add more connections to meet customer needs. That is one of the methodologies we employ to guarantee non-congested Internet connectivity.

Reliable Back-up Systems
We take extra steps to ensure the reliability of our service. Our systems are protected with UPS battery  and diesel backup power generators to keep us up and running in the event of a power failure.

LBDD’s Network Operations Center (NOC)
The Network Operation Center (NOC) is where engineers monitor the network status. Rack mounted monitors display real-time network traffic status, and internal Ether net bandwidth and usage.

The NOC proactively monitors all of our connections on a real-time basis 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Should a malfunction occur, our system automatically alerts the NOC staff.