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Do you need your site hosted on a reliable, high speed server but don't want a solution that costs the earth?

Our Plans

How about $22.50 a month from Little Black Duck with FREE comprehensive web site statistics, your own control panel and email and telephone support? You can set up password-protected directories, add email accounts, see your free website statistics and more..
$22.50 a month sites from Little Black Duck

Need more?  Want bulletin boards and chat rooms for no extra cost! Choose one of our other three plans which include a MySQL database.  You'll find everything you want.
Hosting packages from Little Black Duck

For Linux hosting we use either on high quality Cobalt servers, physically located in Australia on superfast internet links or on Dual Xeon 2.4Ghz machines with HyperThreading, 1Gb ECC RAM and RAID 1 configuration. You can administer your site on these servers using cPanel Pro.

Our servers are also continuously monitored every 3 minutes to ensure all essential services are online and should a service fail, an engineer will be dispatched to the server immediately to resolve the problem.
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Our Data Center

Our secure data center features power backups, climate-control and full fire protection to protect our servers.
Your data will be transferred over multiple redundant DS- 3 lines from 20 diverse backbones. This ensures line transmission redundancy and speed.


The servers are monitored on a 5 minute interval. This means that if Apache goes down for 10 seconds during the period when the server is being checked, it will be recorded as 5 minutes of downtime. For this reason, the uptime figures are conservative and often quite a lot lower than the actual figures are.

All of our prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST.

Manage your web site quickly and efficiently with our easy to use web-based control panels.  Add users' email boxes, forward mail and check site traffic. Unlike packages offered by some other well-known hosting companies, any changes you make will be effective immediately, not one hour or more later. back to top

All sites* come  with access to webmail so you can view and answer emails from within a browser window when away from the office.

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We accept cheques, money orders, direct deposits and credit cards via PayPal.

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* for sites hosted on our Linux servers. Windows servers may not have web mail installed.

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