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Email marketing

Just what is it?

Here are 2 definitions for you:

  • Email marketing is the process of promoting a product, service or an idea by sending direct emails to the target audience, whether prospective or current customers.
  • e-Newsletters are a cost-effective and efficient way to keep in touch with your customers and prospective customers.

What are the benefits?

  What does that mean for you and what does it mean for the people on your database?


Benefit to Sender

Benefit to Receiver

HTML email

Improves your image

Nice to deal with suppliers with professional image


Builds closer relationships

Feel valued smile

Scheduled Send Campagins


Builds trust

More effective if sent at a ‘prime time’ for reader response

Arrives at a suitable time

Less likelihood email will be ignored

Less chance of missing out on  important news, tips or specials

Assists you to be highly organised

Nice to deal with organised people smile

Built in links

Saves time

Can make the choice to open links

More professional

Cuts down on information being repeated or misrepresented

Send to a Friend

Track referrals

Keep their contacts informed and build their relationships

Build your database

Increase your market

Increase sales

Keeps prices down smile

Increase profits

Keeps prices down smile

Flexible Design

Saves time

Increased likelihood you will receive on regular basis

Maximise your message

Saves time

Enhance your image

Happy dealing with a supplier with a good image

Emails can be duplicated

Saves time

More time to spend on them smile

Saves money

Keeps prices down smile

Can categorise contacts

Send targeted marketing messages

Only receive information they’re interested in

Increases your professional image

Happy dealing with professional businesses

Saves time

More time to spend on them smile

Saves money

Keeps prices down smile


Reduced marketing spend and lower ‘cost of sale’

Keeps prices down smile

Reach more people

Growing demand keeps your supplier in business

Easy Database Management

Less wasted time

More time to spend on them smile

Accurate record keeping

New customers won’t miss out

Manage Bounced Emails

Keep informed of incorrect email addresses or problems with certain Mailboxes

You will be kept informed of any Mailbox problems


Do not waste money

Keeps prices down smile


Saves time

More time to spend on them smile

SPAM Act compliance built-in

Keep you out of trouble

Your supplier will be law-abiding