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CRM + Email Marketing + Database Management

Just how far could your business grow if you were able to:

Quickly build and manage your customer databases
Easily create & send attention-grabbing, personalised e-newsletters and promotional material 
Efficiently track and analyse results

 is an Internet-based email marketing & database management system that facilitates your communication with your customers, partners and stakeholders.

Through a simple step-by-step process, seamlessly threaded with advanced options, DuckMail empowers you to create, send and track permission based communication without fuss, and with no more than your Internet browser.

Imagine the possibilities!

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Don't want to write or design the content yourself? Well, let us do the design work for you. Just send us your unedited content and your logo (and a recent brochure) and we will do the rest.

We can not only design an HTML newsletter for you but do the mailing out as well!

So, if you need some help contact Charlie today on 02 4957 9094

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