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glossary of terms

Browser - this term describes the software you're currently using to read this Glossary of Terms. The two main browsers for viewing web sites are Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape.

Browser Detection - this term describes the ability for a software program to detect what type of browser a user may be viewing your email or web site in.

Buffering - this term describes the initial time you wait, and any interruption to a streamed video. During the buffering period, the server is sending you just enough information to be able to start playing, or restart the video you're viewing.

Conversion Rate - this term describes the number of recipients that actually go on to make a purchase from a marketing activity.

CTR or Click Through Rate - describes either the total number of click throughs to a web site or another online page, or, the total number of unique recipients who clicked through to your website or another online page.

Domain Name - this term describes the internet address of your web site. Eg our domain name is If you want a web site you first need to register a domain name. There are certain rules associated with registering domain names and the costs also vary.

Email Client - this is the software that you send and receive your emails through - if you're a Microsoft user you'd most likely be using Outlook Express or Outlook.

Form Field - this term describes the actual box you type into when filling out one of those online forms - such as the one on our enquiries page.

Hosting - this term describes the place where your web site resides. It is different to an ISP (although they usually offer this service as well) and a monthly fee is also charged for this service.

HTML or Hypertext Mark-up Language - HTML forms the basis of most web sites that you view. This web site predominately uses HTML to convert simple text and images into something that is readable within a web browser. 

ISP or Internet Service Provider - this term describes the company that provides you with the ability to connect to the internet. Depending on your ISP, you normally pay a monthly fee to have access to the internet.

Open Rate - this term describes the number of recipients who actually opened your email. Remember Open Rate does not equal Readership.

Packet - this term is used to describe a piece of information that usually belongs to many other pieces of information that make up a complete file - such as a video.

ROI or Return On Investment - This term describes a dollar value generally as the end result from an investment in a business transaction. For the email marketers out there, it is the total dollar conversion rate divided by the amount invested in a campaign.

Stream - this term is usually associated with streaming videos. In most cases you are not able to save a streamed video to your local hard drive. Essentially, packets of information are sent on request to your computer in a loop. You will normally wait a short period for the video to start playing (See 'Buffering'). Once started, depending on your connection speed and other variables, the video should play with little interruption.

User - this term is generally used to describe anyone who visits, uses or otherwise has involvement with your website or software. It is also the most common term used by programmers and project managers when documenting websites and software applications.

Video Tour - this is a term used to describe an online video that is usually either a download or a stream.