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anti-spam policy

Using the leading email software in Australia, DuckMail works to reduce and eliminate the occurrence of SPAM or UCE. DuckMail has implemented various policies, procedures and technology to prevent would be spammers and their unwanted email including:

Terms of Use that prohibits the use of DuckMail for any illegal purpose including the uploading and sending of unsolicited commercial emails (UCE)
Advocates the use of permission based marketing throughout customer acquisition processes and via monthly education programs.
Adheres strictly to the National Privacy Policy
Encourages the use of system tools for confirming subscriptions.

DuckMail takes spam, spam compliance requirements and spam compliant handling very seriously.

If you wish to find out more about any of our policies, procedures or activities please contact us.


Authorised Sender
An authorised sender is the individual or organisation that authorises the sending of the message.
If an individual sends a message on behalf of an organisation then the organisation is the body that has authorised the sending of the message.

Commercial Electronic Message
A commercial electronic message is an electronic message which, in part or wholly, promotes your business, a business opportunity, products or services.

Consent is either express consent or; consent that can reasonably be inferred from:

a) the conduct of the individual or organisation concerned; or
b) the business and other relationships of the individual or organisation concerned.

Designated Commercial Electronic Message
A Designated Commercial Electronic Message:

a) clearly identifies the authorised sender; and
b) clearly identifies the authorised sender’s contact details; or
c) if the message is sponsored, clearly identifies the sponsors contact details; and
d) must only contain factual information (non-commercial information)


Commercial Electronic Messages
DuckMail will only send commercial electronic messages that have either express or inferred consent from the recipient.

All commercial electronic messages contain the following information:

a) Accurate authorised sender contact details
b) Accurate authorised sender identity
c) A functional unsubscribe facility
At the time of sending it is expected that all contact information will be valid for a minimum period of 30 days.

All recipients requesting the removal of their consent will be honored within 5 workings days.

Designated Commercial Electronic Messages DuckMail will only send designated commercial electronic messages which contain:

a) Accurate authorised sender contact details
b) Accurate authorised sender identity
c) Factual information

At the time of sending it is expected that all contact information will be valid for a minimum period of 30 days.

All recipients requesting the removal of their consent will be honoured within 5 workings days.


DuckMail does not supply or use address harvesting software, nor has it acquired electronic addresses from a supplier who has used address harvesting software.
At all times DuckMail has acquired electronic addresses with either the express or inferred consent from the recipient.


Web based forms

Web based forms are dynamically generated by DuckMail to help users collect and identify individual subscribers. Users are encouraged to display their Privacy Policy on these forms and be specific about reasons for collecting information at the time of collection.

Confirmation Emails
When a person subscribes to a web based form, the system can automatically send the new subscriber an email asking them to confirm their subscription. This is commonly termed double opt-in.

Once the subscriber has confirmed their subscription, DuckMail logs the time and date of confirmation next to the original registration time and date stamp. Each confirmed subscriber is then identified by a confirmed subscription icon throughout DuckMail.

Existing subscribers, that may have been manually uploaded, can be sent an email with a Please Confirm Your Subscription link.

Search for Confirmed Subscribers
DuckMail provides advanced search functions that enable the user to define search queries including searching for all subscribers that have confirmed their subscription. This enables the user to then send to all confirmed subscribers.

Unsubscribe Link
All emails sent from DuckMail have, by default, an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email. When someone unsubscribes, they are automatically removed from the database. The account holder is also notified so they can remove unsubscribers from any other database they may appear on.


Bounce Management
This function encourages proper bounce management and defines bounces in layman terms of either Permanent or Temporary. The account holder is given the option to manage these bounces independent of system directives.

Send to A Friend
This function allows the account holder to encourage subscriptions by recipients forwarding on the original message. This referral method encourages the rapid building of databases of opt-in subscribers. This method attaches the persons email address and name to all forwarded messages with a reply email going back to the original sender.  Permission is still required to send information to these people. 

DuckMail screens unusual activity within the DuckMail system. Screening includes automatic notification to DuckMail administrators in the following instances: the uploading of databases over 10,000 at a time, accounts that at any one time hold more than 20,000 email addresses, multiple credit card refusals, email campaign information (email address used, specific words used in the subject or content) and IP address of the account holder. In each instance the account is investigated for illegitimate activity and appropriate action taken.

A recipient of a DuckMail email will only be able to see their name and email address. No other information is provided regardless of the number of emails sent.

DuckMail also takes your privacy very seriously. Click here  to read the Privacy Policy.

DuckMail has been recognised for its outstanding customer service including being direct about how we interact with you and the community.

As part of this service we provide you with a means to report spam complaints for further investiagation. On receiving a complaint we abide by the following procedure:

1. We will preserve the content of any complaint you send us if we believe we have the legal requirement to do so.

2. The complaint is investigated to validate its origin, content and scope.

3. Where the compliant is validated, appropriate action will be taken inline with our policies and procedures and the Spam Act 2003.

4. Where the complaint involves an account holder using our service, and the account holder is known, the account holder is notified that they have received a complaint from a subscriber.

5. If the subscriber is known, DuckMail will request the account holder to investigate the complaint inline with the Spam Act 2003.

6. If the complaint is validated, the account holder will be flagged as having a complaint against it and the details of that complaint recorded where we believe we have the legal requirement to do so.

7. Legal action may also be initiated in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Use.

8. Where the complaint has uncovered a breakdown in policy, procedure or expectations by you, DuckMail will audit and, where necessary, amend any policy, procedure or customer interaction.

9.  You may receive a follow-up email to inform you of any action that may have been taken.

DuckMail acts in accordance with the National Privacy Principles and encourages all customers to understand their local legislation and that of where their subscribers are located.

DuckMail encourages persons who believe they have been sent spam, by an account holder using DuckMail, to contact the sender, where known, and / or report your complaint directly to us

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