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As an alternative to tacking your site onto the end of your Internet Service Provider's site as in www.hunterlink.net.au/yourco (a third level domain), which costs approximately $110 per year, you can have you OWN domain name as in www.yourco.com.au, www.yourco.com or www.yourco.net.au. As a rule, .com and .biz are reserved for businesses, .net.au for network organisations such as ISPs, .org.au for non-profit organisations, .id for trademarks and .name for individuals. Approval of a domain name is usually done in less than one day.  Approval of .org.au names can take a little bit longer.

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The main benefits of your own domain are:

  • It looks more professional and is usually much shorter to type in.

  • You can personalise your email addresses, even if you don't have a web site.

  • You can have a different email address for each of your staff.

  • If you move your site, you won't have to change all your email addresses and your stationery, nor have to inform all your customers, suppliers and friends!

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