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take control with CMS

Using content management software allows you to update and alter the site yourself, without the cost of your designer doing it for you. Updating is as easy as using Word.  Add images, tables, alter fonts and colours. It is all there.

There are versions available for both Windows and Macintosh computers. Just load Contribute onto your computer, log in to your website and away you go.

If you are worried that you might corrupt your site design we can limit access to specific areas of the site and even actual parts of a page. Access is made secure by login names and passwords so you can have more than one person doing your editing for you. Or you may prefer Little Black Duck to do it for you. That's fine.

Feature List

  • 100% DHTML, JavaScript and PERL/ASP/PHP code. There are no slow Java or ActiveX components to worry about and everything is handled in your browser!

  • The perfect web content management system and website builder for you or your clients. Easy to use, a breeze to setup. Let your clients edit their own websites. Restrict editing to certain sections of a website, means you can protect your design!

  • Powerful and easy to use file manager, giving you more control over YOUR website. Create new files based on templates, upload files from your hard drive, copy, rename and delete files. No need for FTP!

  • Complete Online HTML WYSIWYG Editing (What You See is What You Get), if you or your clients can use Microsoft Word, then you can use Contribute! Simple to use interface, Point. Click. Edit. 

  • Create and modify tables and table cells in the powerful WYSIWYG Editor. Set their border color, alignment, cellspacing and more! Once you've created a table, simply right click inside of it and use the handy popup menu to change its attributes!

  • Create and modify forms, text boxes, radio buttons, check boxes and buttons. Design your next contact or purchase form directly from your web browser!

  • Complete support for stylesheets -- If your Web page contains a <style> tag or links to a stylesheet, then those styles will automatically be available in the stylesheet drop down list on the toolbar!

  • Right click popup menus inside Contribute make it look and feel like a Windows-based HTML editor! You can right click to cut/copy/paste, modify table/link/image properties and more!

  • Upload images directly into your content using the powerful  image manager. Modify Image properties and more!

  • Web Developers: Restrict Website editing to sections that YOU define. Supports Macromedia Dreamweaver. Disable functionality, such as delete, rename, upload or create. YOU maintain control of your design!

ordering Content Management Software

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