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what is an email alias?

An email "alias" is one of many possible email addresses that may be assigned to a single mailbox.

Say, for example, that your hosting account comes with two mailboxes and one was automatically set up by LBDD as webmaster@yourdomain.com.au. You have the option of adding aliases to that mailbox so that you can have more than one address being delivered to the same mailbox. In this example, if you added info and sales as aliases, then mail sent to either webmaster@, info@ or sales@yourdomain.com.au would all arrive at the same place.

Commonly assigned aliases include info@, sales@, billing@, support@, and yourname@ among others.

You should be aware, however, that it is not possible to use the same alias on more than one mailbox.

A single user may have multiple POP3 mailboxes, but normally a single mailbox only has one user.

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